Ayurvet Zerokeet Liquid Concentrate For Ectoparasite Control

Ayurvet Zerokeet Liquid Concentrate For Ectoparasite Control

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Product Information:

Ectoparasites found on dogs & cats primarily ticks, mites, fleas, flies & lice, often represent a threat to their health and well being. Apart from direct physical damage & unthriftiness, these pests also transmit disease organisms, cause blood loss, allergic responses, damage the skin & muscle tissues etc. Ectoparasites (arthropods) commonly infesting dogs & cats, affect their hosts adversely in several ways:

  • Ticks suck blood, causing anemia & toxicosis
  • Ticks transmit babesiosis (tick fever)
  • The common dog tick is widely prevalent, tenacious & invades dwellings
  • Mites set up acariasis or mange with inflammatory dermatological manifestations
  • Demodicosis (follicular mange) in generalized or pustular form can be serious
  • Scabies mite (sarcoptic mange), due to its burrowing activity, causes intense itching, with dry thickened & wrinkled skin
  • Otodectes which is occasionally found, causes irritation & crusting on the inner surface of the ear
  • Larvae of flies may grow in wounds as maggots
  • Fleas & lice, when excessive, can damage the hair coat & make the pet appear malnourished & unthrifty

Ectoparasite infestation arise from close contact with infested premises, bedding, equipment & from malnutrition. Ectoparasite control should form part of good pet health programme & management. The heavy use of non selective hazardous & toxic chemical instecticides has led to the well known problems of:

  • Insect resistance to these chemicals
  • The resurgence of secondary insect pests
  • The persistence of toxic insecticide residues &
  • Hazard for humans, animals & environment

The growing concern for the environment has resulted in a search for safer, less persistent & more selective arthropod control agents. These plant derived pesticides act by interfering with the life processes of specific insects (e.g. feeding behavior) or act upon processes peculiar to target insects (e.g. moulting) and are innocuous to man and other vertebrates. Being fully biodegradable, they leave no residue and thus offer a safe, eco-friendly & yet effective alternative compared to synthetic pesticides which are highly toxic & have instant knock down poison effect, the plant based pesticides have relatively slower action but the end result is a more effective containment of the pest and its capacity to harm.

Zerokeet Liquid a herbal ectoparasiticide product for pets developed by Ayurvet Limited is a self emulsifiable concentrate containing selected herbs reputed for their insecticidal and insect growth regulator activities. The constituent herbs of Zerokeet liquid have a long record of safety for men, animals & environment. Being an integral part of biosphere they are fully biodegradable besides possessing pesticidal & insect repellant properties. These constituent herbs act in synergism and possibly increase the insecticidal & repellant efficacy of individual plants by multiple mode e.g.

  • Antagonists of juvenile & moulting hormones regulate the insect metamorphosis, reproduction, diapause & behaviour
  • Repellants for mosquitoes, flies, mites & ticks
  • Antifeedants –cause cessation of feeding thus the insects die from starvation
  • Disrupt or inhibit the development of eggs, larvae, pupae
  • Block the moulting of larvae or nymphs
  • Disrupt mating & sexual communication
  • Inhibit the formation of chitin etc.
  • Deter females from laying eggs
  • Sterilize adults

Zerokeet liquid is a safe alternative to synthetic insecticides for control of ectoparasitic infestations in pets. Additionally, the product has the advantages like:

  • Extremely low mammalian toxicity
  • Biodegradability & environmental harmlessness
  • Non-resistance inducing


Dilute Zerokeet as suggested below or as advised by veterinarian and apply over the affected area as hand dressing, spray or dip.

For best results, keep Zerokeet applied on the body for 18-24 hours, before giving bath.

For External Use only-

Fleas & Lice: Use 1:4 dilution for 2 to 3 treatments 5 days apart.

Ticks: Use 1:2 dilution for 2 to 3 treatment 2 days apart


  • For prevention & treatment of parasitic infestations & skin affections caused by ticks, mites, fleas & lice.
  • For the prevention & control of sarcoptic & demodectic mange.
  • For maintaining healthy fur & skin conditions.


100ml in amber coloured glass bottle


Store in a cool, dark place

Demodecosis (demodectic mange): Use 1:2 dilution twice daily thereafter till complete recovery.

Scabies (sarcoptic mange): Use 1:2 dilution once daily for 7 days.

Prophylaxis: Use 1:4 dilution, 15 days apart