Destress Dog Shampoo (200ml)

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  • This shampoo important to provide moisture for your dog’s coat and skin.
  • It thoroughly clean your dog’s coat and only leave his skin clean and incense smell make him more enjoyable.
  • Formulated With Therapeutic Extracts
  • Cleanses, Moisturizes & Deodorizes Coat
  • Promotes Natural Shiny & Healthy Coat

Different Series With Different Functions:

  • Aloe Vera

Herbal Shampoo
Excellent For Young Puppies

  • Calm

Calming Aromatherapy

Reduces Dry & Irritated Skin

  • Energy

Revitalizes Brilliance
Anti-Tired Skin

  • Fresh

Clean & Refreshing
Long Lasting Fresh Scent

  • Long Lasting

Purifying Clean
Long Lasting Fresh Scent