Dymax Aquarium AC/DC Air Pump AP1000

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The Dymax AC/DC Air pump AP1000 provide a back-up system during power failure or outdoor use (fishing) for your aquarium. Work in AC mode where power is supply directly to the pump, while the rechargeable battery is being charged and it will be ready for a power failure. Automatically switches to DC mode when there is a power failure. Easy installation and maintenance free.

  • Aerate your fish tank efficiently with aquarium air pump
  • Provide secondary circulation next to a pump filtration
  • Create beautiful bubble effects with air stones and bubble walls
  • Silent in operation
  • long back-up hours
  • high durability
  • automatic operation
  • powerful output
  • low power consumption
  • interval mode

Product Specifications:

  • 12 watts 
  • 250 lph
  • two outlets