Groomax Spa Deshedder

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Groomax, a new generation specializing in grooming tools for both cats and dogs! Each tool is designed to provide different levels of support allowing you to work more comfortably for a longer period of time.

      Groomax Deshedder brush is one of our professional grooming tools that prevent excessive shedding of your pets coat.
     It easily removes hairballs and regular usage will also prevent hairball formation which may be dangerous to the health of your pet.
     This is the brush that provides solutions to your messiness in your house caused by the loose hairs of your pet scattering around, as it easily removes loose hairs from their undercoat effectively, not to mention that it also has the ability to disentangle hairs.

  • Grooming also assists blood circulation to the skin, as well as the distribution of natural body oils across the coat, helpful for animals general well being.
  • Brush in the direction of hair growth in a long single stroke.
  • Do not brush excessively at a single spot.
  • Press button to slide out the hair from blade and continue brushing.
  • Cover back the blade with the protector provided to prevent chipping.
  • Chipping may cause sharp edges that will cause injuries.