Habitrail OVO Adventure Pack

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Looking for Adventure...

  • Habitrail OVO Adventure Pack is customizable to how you want to build it
  • Allows your hamster plenty of space to roam around their cage
  • The retractable roof at the top allows you easy access to your pet, and the clear plastic allows you to view your pet at all times
  • Retractable roof also makes the hamster cage easy to clean and maintain
  • Includes Transport Unit, 2-10 inch Trails, 1Tee, 1 Cube

• The Habitrail® OVO Adventure Pack lets your hamster roam to different hideaways. Your hamster can choose to go for a snooze in his Den, or burrow his way up to the Transport Unit and then jet back down for a quick snack back in his Pad.
• The clear plastic of the Habitrail® OVO Den or Transport Unit's roof makes it easy for you to see your hamster and the retractable roof allows for easy pet access.

• Transport Unit
• 2-10" Trails
• 1 Tee
• 1 Cube
• Den
• 5 Windows
• 3 Elbows
• 10 Lock Connectors