Hikari Micro Wafers

Hikari Micro Wafers

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Micro Wafers®

Hikari®, the originator of disc type diets, brings you another option packed with nutrition to help your community fish live a long and health-filled life while looking their best. Scientifically developed to offer a nutrient package that offers ready acceptance while saving you money if you are a flake food user now. Specifically developed for use with all types of tropical fish from larger neon tetras to the largest angels. Accept no substitutes, request a diet for your community tank from the unquestioned quality leaders worldwide, Hikari®!


Scientifically Formulated To Make Flakes Obsolete

Contains high grade marine and vegetable proteins along with garlic to promote ready acceptance

Offers superior nutrient utilization and unequaled growth rates

A pure-cultured spirulina and astaxanthin mix developed to promote vivid colors not common with competitive products

The outstanding flavor allows an easy transition from other forms of food while providing the nutrition most tropical fish require to live a long and health-filled life

Good for use with marine fish too

A Pellet Designed With A Purpose

Unlike flakes, this product allows you to visually see what's being eaten, reducing chances of overfeeding and potential water quality issues that may result, all while keeping your overall feeding cost low

The slowing sinking pellet allows fish at all levels of the aquarium ready access to the nutrition

A rapidly softening disc that makes it easy for fish of all sizes to easily bite off their desired amount

It won't cloud your aquarium when used as directed