Pneumex Respiratory Comfort

Pneumex Respiratory Comfort

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Pneumex Respiratory Comfort

Additional Information:

Ginger-Garlic Fermented Extract Contrary to common belief that Ginger and Garlic are both dangerous to companion animals’ health, studies have established the most ideal synergistic relationship between the two herbs. Garlic that causes adverse reaction or allergy are those raw and spoiled ones. With a very careful technique in extraction procedure, we assure that only essential components are being made available.

On Safety Use:

This multi-herb solution has been proven safe for pregnant, nursing mother and puppies under three(3) months of age. However it is constantly advised to seek the help of a veterinarian for proper diagnosis.

Safe to use for pregnant, nursing, lactating mothers and puppies under three months of age

Dosage and Administration:

This supplement is to be administered orally for 5-7 days during signs and symptoms of respiratory infection or irritation like lethargy, coughing, sneezing, fever, runny eyes or nose and loss of appetite.


Small Breed

  • 3ml Once a day

Medium Breed

  • 4ml Once a day

Large Breed

  • 5ml Once a day


Medium Breed

  • 2.5ml Once a day

Large Breed

  • 3ml Once a day

Rodents and Birds:


  • 2.5ml Once a day


  • 3ml Once a day


  • 2ml Once a day


  • 3ml Once a day


  • Mix 5ml to 1/2 cup of 100ml drinking water served daily in the morning