Saint Roche Premium Organic Dog Shampoo Sweet Embrace

Saint Roche Premium Organic Dog Shampoo Sweet Embrace

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Sweet Embrace

About the scent:

Contrary to its name, Sweet Embrace is not sweet smelling, but it is named after the delicate sweetness of babies. Sweet Embrace is a mild baby scent which is inspired by Nenuco. It is best suitable for families who would like their pet to smell like a baby.


  • Available in 4 wonderful and gentle scents
  • Made with organic herbs and extracts that help hydrate and moisturize your pets skin and coat.
  • Specially designed to smell fresh and revitalizing while being gentle on the nose receptors of your four legged loved ones.
  • With added vitamins and minerals that makes your pets coat shiny and luscious.

Saint Roche Premium Dog Shampoo is made with 100% All-Natural Ingredients. Its premium blend is so gentle on the skin and coat of your dogs that it can be used by puppies, pregnant, nursing adults and old aged dogs.

Saint Roche Premium Dog Shampoo is composed of premium highest-grade extracts that have been tested rigorously. With consistent nourishment using our product, your fur baby's coat will grow, shine and develop to a significantly more superior texture and volume. On top of that, bathing with Saint Roche will definitely leave your dogs fresh-smelling for up to 2 weeks.

Our products is free from harmful chemicals such as Parabens, SLES and Sulphates that are known to trigger allergic reactions, strip away the natural oil in dog`s coat, decrease the life span of dogs, stimulate hair loss and decrease dog`s well being in general.

Directions in bathing your pet:

Wet dogs coat completely. Work up lather into dogs coat making sure it reaches the skin to maximize benefits. Leave lather for five minutes. Rinse thoroughly and dry.