Samyu Nail Clipper And File Set

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The key to easy nail triming is to trim small amounts of your pet's nails weekly. The very end of the very of the nail is the only part that doesn't have a blood supply or feeling. Therefore, trim small amounts of the nail at one time to avoid discomfort to your pet. Dog and cat nails are continually growing and if not worn off need to be trimmed. Too long a nail forces the foot to rotate backwards, contributing to several structural damages such as flat or turned outward feet. Indoor cats especially need to have their nails trimmed often as they don't exercise as much. If the cat's claws snag cloth or people it's a sign to trim the nails.

  • Hold your pets paw firmly but gently
  • If your pet moves while you are trimming their nails, it might cause harm to your pet. To avoid this try to pet your dog or cats head to minimize stress.
  • Only trim the translucent part of the nail (the pink part is your pets skin so do not cut this part)/