Sanyu Turtle Stick

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Sanyu turtle stick is a complete and balanced nutritional staple food for all turtle, other reptilesand aquatic amphibians as well. It contains all high- quality protein, vitamins and minerals to promote growth and keep turtles in healthy condition. The size and shape of this floating food are specially designed to meet the diet habit of the turtles and it is easily be eaten and would not cloud the water. Sanyu turtle promotes strong shell structure and enhances resistance against disease.

White fish meal, wheat flour, corn meal, yeasts, enzyme, calcium, magnesium, biotin, vitamin A,C,E and other trace elements.

Crude protein....35%

Crude fat.....4%
Crude fibre....3%

210 grams

Feeding Guidelines:
Feed daily as much as your turtle will consume within 10-15 minutes. always remove any excess food left over after feeding period. Occasionally feed turtle with insects, vegetables such as carrot slices, lettuce leaves or parsley.