Sera Flore 1 Carbo

Sera Flore 1 Carbo

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  • Additional carbon for optimal growth
  • Systemic care
  • Alternative carbon source
  • For aquarium plants

Plants require carbon for doing photo synthesis, which often is not available in the water in sufficient amounts. Lacking carbon is one of the most important growth limiting factors for aquatic plants.

The new systemic plant care sera flore 1 carbo was developed for providing the plants the amount of carbon required for optimal growth. It provides different efficient carbon sources for active liquid fertilization, and is therefore the uncomplicated alternative to a CO2 fertilization system; but it can also add to it.

When combined with the sera basic plant care, sera flore 1 carbo leads to strong and healthy plant growth and, accordingly, to a natural algae free aquarium. sera flore 1 carbo is well tolerated by all invertebrates.