Vadigran Tasty Exko Hamster

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Your Bunny, Guinea Pig, Hamster, Rat, or Other Small Animal Will Do a Happy Dance when you pour this complete animal feed product into their dinner bowl

A Nutritious Addition to their Diet, it’s Thoroughly Tested, 100% Complete, and 100% Delicious

The Tasty brand is the Nr. 1 Small Animal Food Mix for a long, healthy, and happy animal life; it helps your small friend Feel Healthy and Stay Active

High in Nutrients, this premium and complete meal will help keep their Small Bodies in Top Condition, so they can Play the Day Away  

A bowlful of Pure Wellness, Your Furry Pal will love to nibble on this wonderfully yummy and delicious food

This essential small animal food contains important ingredients that your small animal needs to stay healthy, active, and happy. It keeps their digestive system working in top form. It smells wonderful and tastes great.



Derivatives of vegetable origin, grains, vegetables, seeds.


11% Crude protein, 7,5% Crude fat, 6,5% Crude cellulose, 2,5% Crude ash, 0,3% Phosphorous, 0,1% Calcium, 0,01% Sodium.


150mg Iron (E1) - colourings - antioxidants.