Vadigran Terra Guinea Pig

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Your Little Guinea Pig Pal will love our Tasty and Nutritious Food; it’s a bowlful of Pure Wellness and helps your small friend Feel Healthy and Stay Active

The Natural Tastes and Aromas of this combination formula will Make Your Guinea Pig Happy and Come Back for More

Extra Vitamin C keeps their immune systems humming and their Small Bodies in Top Condition so they can Play the Day Away

Delicious Alfalfa Grass Aids Digestion and helps ensure Optimal Tooth and Metabolic Health

Includes pieces or willow, which is synonymous with Optimal Tooth Wear; Willow Bark is also Used in Natural Medicine

High in fiber, this guinea pig food contains important ingredients that your small pet needs to stay healthy, active, and happy. It keeps their digestive system working and their immune system strong. It smells wonderful and tastes great. The added Vitamin C will give their immune system an extra boost and the willow helps with tooth wear.



Derivatives of vegetable origin, vegetables, grains, seeds, willow (2%).


Freely put at the disposal of your animal, together with fresh water on a daily basis. Store in a dry and cool place.