Vadigran Parakeets

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This varied and balanced food blend contains only first quality ingredients. Due to the multiple cleaning process during the production, Vadigran is able to guarantee a mix of the highest purity.

The composition and the ingredients of the mix remain the same all year round.

All Vadigran mixtures have a low level of humidity and are hygienically packed. This guarantees a long-lasting freshness and taste.



Canary seed, millet (yellow), millet (white), peeled oats, cardy, paddy rice, millet (red), buckwheat, millet (Japanese), sunflower seeds (striped), wheat, sunflower seeds (white), linseed, Niger


Crude protein (13,45%), crude ash (9,19%), crude fat (8,40%), crude fiber (3,13%), calcium (0,30%), phosphorus (0,07%)