Vegebrand Calcium Milk Paste

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Vegebrand Calcium Milk Paste

Vegebrand Calcium Milk Paste is Extracted from Pure Milk , Liquid Calcium is much more easily absorbed by dogs. Prevent osteoporosis and metabolism dysfunction for dogs Promote Smooth Delivery for Pregnant dogs and cats , helps recovery of fractures and sprains, Supplement nutrition for inadequate food intake and prevent calcium, Vitamin A and D Deficiency caused by diseases.

Key Benefits:

  • It is very important to provide calcium to your dogs and cats, especially active ones, dogs with bones that are more prone to bone problems (such as poms, maltese, and chihuahuas), large bodies (so that as they age, the bones are not porous and able to support weight their bodies), and often went up and down stairs.
  • Calcium is very important to give in the first year of growth of your dog & cat.
  • Giving calcium is very important to prevent your dog & cat's bones from breaking. There are so many cases of dogs & cats playing and suddenly their bones are broken. One of the reasons is they do not get calcium intake. If it is broken, many losses will be caused, including your dog & cat feeling very pain, surgery, long recovery, and many costs drained in the healing process.
  • This calcium is extracted from whole milk. Calcium in liquid form (liquid) is easier for dogs and cats to digest than calcium in tablet form.
  • This calcium is enriched with vitamins A, D, E, and protein.
  • Safe for consumption by pregnant dogs & cats.
  • This calcium also helps in the recovery of fractures and sprains

Dosage and Administration:

  • 3-5ml / day for puppies (puppies) and kittens (kitten)
  • 2-4ml / day for adult dogs and cats

How to use (choose one):

  1. Give it directly to your dog.
  2. Mix with dog food.