Vetnoderm Amitraz Shampoo

Vetnoderm Amitraz Shampoo

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 Vetnoderm Amitraz Shampoo

Vetnoderm Amitraz Shampoo works great for all dog breeds suffering in demodicosis, sarcoptic mange, tick & fleas and other types of mange.

Directions for Use:

Brush your pets coat and skin to remove excess ticks, fleas, eggs and dandruff. This shampoo also can help clean and sanitize your pet rather than just killing pests living in their coat.

Apply a generous amount of Vetnoderm Amitraz Shampoo onto your hands and then apply on to your pets hair and skin focus on areas which have a higher concentration of pests present. 

Use a soft cloth or sponge to apply the shampoo on your pets ears and be careful not to get any of the shampoo on the inside of the ears. *If shampoo gets on the inside of your pets ear use cotton buds or a dry towel to remove it.

Lastly rinse and make sure there is no more shampoo present on your pets. If pests are still striving on your pets coat and skin after the bath repeat the bathing process after a few days.